Darv Surprises Glen Baker With A Trip On The Chairman II June 2014

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Glen Baker has been coming to Rainy Lake Houseboats for as many years as I can remember. Darv, Glen, Jeff, Mike, Jim and decided to experience the Chairman II. I have guided Glen in past  years but he knows Rainy lake well. They have a fun way of creating a little competition while fishing. Each guide measures each walleye and the lengths are recorded on a golf shot counter.  There is a daily pot that is dolled out each evening. Walleyes were not really using any reefs yet. We found them on wind blown shores and pockets in 10-12 feet of water for the most part. Jigs seemed to work better than spinners or rigs, 1/4 oz. and even 1/8 oz. jigs tipped with a minnow were top choices.

The first afternoon we ran into a large school of shore lunch sized fish in 28-30 feet of water. It was kind of funny because Darv asked “do you think the larger walleyes ever eat the 13-14 inch walleyes?” The school became smaller on the Humminbird 1199 and then we caught a 23″, 22′ and some 19″ walleyes. No more little ones. I do believe walleyes get cannibalistic from time to time. We had inch caught of 500 inches or more every day. Glen and the crew gave me the afternoon off as I turned 58 years old that day. The last afternoon Kevin slid into a pocket that we did well in during the morning session. His boat with Glen and Mike had a whopping seven hundred sixty five inches of walleyes!

Bernie provided our guests with his famous chicken ribs, special pork chops, steaks and breakfasts each day.

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