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Father In Law – Son In Laws Fishing Excursion May 2014

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We were fortunate enough to have Rick, Robin, Tom., Isreal, Dave, Jake and Adam join us for three days of fishing May 30, 31, and June 1st on the Chairman II. Our guests came from New York City, Washington D.C, and surrounding Maryland. The guides were Jon Balaski, Matt Shermoen and Billy Dougherty, and Bernie [...]


American Foods Group – June 25-27, 2013

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Our friends from AFG arrived throughout the morning.   We left port with the Chairman and two Lady of the Lakes by 2:20  - seventeen guests stayed on the houseboats with two guests meeting us at our mooring spot. Lady of the Lake When we were moored Chef Jim and chef helper Bernie serve up [...]


Art Kaemmer Fly Fishing Trip June 20-23, 2013

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The trip began with a breakfast cruise to our mooring site and then we were off in search of surface-striking smallmouth bass. The guides were Bill Dougherty, Jon Balaski and Kevin Erickson.  We started our trip in a large bay that had plenty of water for all three guides to fish.  The smallmouth did not [...]


Gatts’ Family Outing June 15 – 18

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Jason, LuAnn, Logan, and Logan’s friend arrived at Rainy Lake Houseboats and were off on a three day excursion.       The Lund guide boats were loaded and off to fish walleyes on the Minnesota side of the lake.  Jon and Kevin found massive amounts of fish and caught most of them!   60 plus walleyes were in [...]


Pete Ankeny June 11 – 14

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Pete’s trip marks the first exclusive fly fishing trip of the year.  The guides for the trip were Bill Dougherty, Jon Balaski and Kevin Erickson.  We fish strictly smallmouth bass with the accidental pike thrown in.  We were hoping to target bedded smallmouth bass since on the previous trip we had seen a few bass [...]


John Kangas’s 34th Chairman II Outing

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John, Bennett, David, Bill H., Jim, Jeff, John Den, Doug, Bill R. and Dave began arriving Friday and Saturday –  this was the beginning of John Kangas’s 34th annual trip to Rainy Lake Houseboats on the Chairman II.  The group played golf at the Falls Country Club on Sunday June 2nd and then dined at the [...]


Spring Time Mayhem Coming Soon!

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Phones are ringing and emails are coming in droves! There is definite excitement for the 2013 season. Many of the calls are touching almost to the point of emotional for us. Usually the first words are “I have been waiting since I left last spring to get back to Rainy Lake”. I am fortunate to [...]